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Over $15,000 in Scholarships – Is your child eligible?

The TN Scholars programs mission is to increase the percentage of Tennessee high school graduates that are better prepared to succeed in college, workforce, and the military.

The TN Scholars designation is given to any TN student who graduates with the appropriate curriculum requirements. These requirements include advanced mathematics and science such as Calculus and Physics. The TN Scholars degree path also requires;

• 95% attendance rate ( may not miss more than 36 total days in 4 years)
• Algebra I, II and Geometry + 1 higher math
• Biology, Chemistry +1 Higher Lab Science
• 2 years of Foreign language ( cannot opt out)
• 1 Fine Arts Credit (may opt out if not going to college)
• No out of school suspensions
• 40 hours of volunteer service
• Must pass End-of-course Exams in Eng III and Alg II
• .5 credits in Personal Finance
• 3 Social Studies Credits (Must meet state Tennessee Diploma Project requirements
• Maintain a C average in all TN Scholars classes College Benefits for 2013 TN Scholars

The Tennessee Scholars administration is continually working with state institutions to provide additional incentives for our TN Scholars. These funds can be used in addtion to the Hope Scholarship. Below is the current list of Universities and what they currently offer.

* All Technology Centers give tuition assistance to Tennessee Scholars
* Students get financial assistance at the following other post-secondary institutions (Certain Criteria apply) :

1. Cleveland State in Cleveland $1500
2. Bryan College in Dayton $500
4. Walters State Community College $300
5. Roane State Community College $500
6. Mountain Empire Community College in Scott County, VA (Full)
7. East TN State University in Johnson City (Private endowment for Johnson City
area only)
8. Northeast State Community College
9. Volunteer State University full tuition (Sumner County Residents only)
10. Lee University $2500
11. Union University $2500 per year for 4 years
12. Other Universities offer small scholarships if the Tennessee Scholar shows the transcript showing they have met the criteria. They must ask each individual institution. This is not an announced scholarship, but a last dollars scholarship. All Tennessee universities are aware of the criteria for Tennessee Scholars.

Talk to your child's guidance counselor to make sure your child is on track for this program. Necessary forms are located at

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