Book Review - "Wonder"

“ I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.” August Pullman

Wonder, R.J Palacio – New York Times Bestseller

Wonder is a tale of a boy, August Pullman (Auggie), who was born with a genetic disorder. This disorder causes, among other health ailments, a major face abnormality. After years of surgeries, and being homeschooled, he is about to begin school for the first time, Middle School to be exact.

This heart-warming story highlights Auggie’s struggle. The unconditional love and dedication of his family (including the dog Daisy) is touching to say the least. Reading from the point-of-view of Auggie’s 5th grade classmates, his sister, and her ex-best friend, was both thought-provoking and a wonderful addition into the life and world of “Wonder.”
Reading this book with your family will strike up conversations on
• Diversity
• Inclusion
• Friendship
• Bullying
I’d love to know what you thought about the book. Leave your comments below!

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