New TN Diploma Possible in 2015

New diploma being discussed by Education Sub Committee today 03/05/2013

It’s no secret; Tennessee has consistently fallen behind a majority of the country when it comes to test scores and graduation rates. Efforts by TN legislators and educators however have begun to make impacts on Tennessee’s National ranking. Graduation Rates have consistently risen over the past 7 years

*Source Tennessee Department of Education

In an effort to attain an improved graduation rate and greater student success, the state has been exploring other ways for students to demonstrate proficiency and satisfy the graduation standards.

Many states across the country have begun implementing alternative ways to earn HS equivalency. Tennessee’s version of this is the “Tennessee Alternate Diploma” (TAD).

TAD could allow for a more flexible delivery of curriculum to students who may require it, and alternative ways for students to demonstrate their proficiencies.

As you know, obtaining a traditional diploma may work well for many students, but it seems that more students could stand to graduate with a high school diploma in Tennessee if alternatives exists.

The efforts are in bill form, as of now. The bill calls for the Department of Labor and Workforce Development and the State Board of Education to design, develop and implement a test aligned with the common core standards that will provide a means, other than the GED tests, to obtain a credential signifying completion of high school or its equivalent.

TAD will be accepted and used in this state for all purposes for which the GED is accepted and used.

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